About JTTechConsult GmbH

Founded in 2011, JTTechConsult offers independent consultancy for companies in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) sector.

ICT is a fast moving and highly R&D intensive sector. ICT products and services are important drivers of productivity growth and economic performance across all sectors. The rapid introduction of new products and services is key for success.

JTTechConsult is committed to meeting the special demands of consultancy in this sector. Our profound industry knowledge, combined with a broad network of specialists, enables us to provide management and technology consultancy in the area of product and service innovations, all the way from the development of innovative concepts to their technical implementation.

  • Technical Due Diligence

    Technical Due Diligence

    Reviewing the core technology of a software company (Technical Due Diligence) is one of the core competencies of JTTechConsult. We offer a comprehensive selection of technical due diligence services.

    Whether you need a quick assessment of risks or a comprehensive analysis of the technology and market needs, our analysis work will focus on the essential areas to enable you to make an informed decision. We adjust the scope of our work to meet your goals and timetable. An assessment report summarizing our findings and highlighting the major risks will be presented upon completition.

  • Market and Product Strategies

    Market and Product Strategies

    As managing director and CTO of a leading software supplier for more than 8 years, the founder of JTTechConsult has acquired extensive experience in creating market and product strategies, managing technology partnerships, establishing business plans, restructuring, spin-­off and other M&A activities.

    If you are a software company and need support with the development or revision of your business strategy and operating objectives, you can benefit from our experience. We will work closely with your  management team and produce a plan clearly stating your company's strategy and objectives.

  • Methodology

    Software Development Methodologies

    Many software development projects suffer from changing requirements and incomplete specifications. The introduction of agile software development methodologies helps dealing with these challenges and leads to fundamental changes in the way your developers and domain experts work with your customers.

    If you need an outside-in view on your software development methodology, you can benefit from our long-lasting experience in managing large international software development teams. We review your requirement specification and development processes and evaluate the risk of an organization and methodology mismatch.